What does 'Innovation' mean?

Four young pepople gathered to do something. Something for themselves and for the World. They decided to realise the vision of a palnet, where new technologies coexist with nature in harmony. Not only they take from it, but also support it and care for it.
We face bitter fruits of science, which contributed to greenhouse effect, ocean pollution, cancer mordibity, expansion of diseases of affluence. We create science, which will help soil to yield healthly. Good science taht will allow children to jauntily jump into plashes and adults to sleep calmly and not be worried about future. We want to create innovations, what wiill not only make life easier, but also will help to defeat famine, diseases and suffering, while being accesible to ordinary people.
We combine our strenghts, abilities and our knowledge of numerous fields of sceince, to build better future. We seek challenges, where others has not. We design tools to match them. We find solutions, create ideas and we want to share the results. We study prototypes and intotroduce products that World needs for tommorow to come today.

Our primary business model is commercialization of science and intellectual properties trading.

Our strongest features?

We are decentralised company – presently our offices are located In Lodz and Cracov, but we are planning to quickly expand to next aglomerations. We want to give our employees opportunity to chooce optimally located workplace, ease our clients access to our services and provide wider access to local markets for our company.

Blockchain architecture50% success
ACE - Design thinking65% success
Patents selling 80% success
For health, for life, for nature 100% success

We, who have risen The Sun

Our team in harmonious combination of passion, knowledge and abilities. Our experience allows us to control creative work environment, which was builded upon foundations of many years of friendship and understanding. Together we create efficient chain of production - from concept, through project, prototype, trials, up to social implementation in the end.

"Man is created to ssek the truth, not to own it."

Blaise Pascal

Albert Czyż
- President of the board -

"Less is More"

Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe

Marek Lisiński
- Vice president of the board -
Architecture & urban planning

"You need to think about something wonderful. And those thoughts will lift you in the air."

J.M.Berrie, Peter Pan and Wendy

Piotr Wawrzkiewicz
- Member of the board -

"What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well.

Antoine de Saint - Exupéry, The Little Prince

Eryka Wawrzkiewicz
- Member of the board -

Meet our players

Not what you accoplish but what you overcome, defines your career.

- Jakub Skibski - Financial specialist

When thinking about environmental protection, let us not forget that we are not only fighting for the place we live today - by protecting the environment we give ourselves a chance for better food quality, clear air, and therefore a longer and better quality of life for us and our loved ones.

- Julia Ławrynowicz - Nourishment technology specialist

Without a healthy and well-tended environment people have no chance for long survival. While the nature sustains our lives day by day giving everything it has, let us show her our gratitude by caring for her as best as we can.

- Renata Pietrzak-Sajjad - Pharmacy specialist

We live in the eve of IT revolution - Internet of Things. No matter if we see it as a threat or opportunity, we cannot oppose those changes. So let's try to make them work for us, so that they can help to improve our lives and the condition of Mother Earth.

- Wojciech Gałach - IT specialist

Regeneration processes undergoing in the skin are a constant challenge and inspiration for me. I believe that they can and should be supported by use of innovative technologies, but always along with keeping respect for the natural environment.

- Klaudia Orłowska-Orlik - Dermatological consultant

Selected projects

Below we introduce a short decription of some products, that we are curretly developing.

Dreaming Big? Felling full of potential? Allways wanted to do something good with Your skils?

Join Us! Together we can   rule The Galaxy   change The World!

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